NOTE:  We recommend you hold a staff meeting and have your staff role-play this script. It works and it is a fantastic way to get your patients involved. 

  1. Your patient needs time in the reception area to review the program.  On the appointment confirmation call many practices asks the patient to arrive just a few minutes early.
  1. Once your patient is seated in the treatment room, your staff member should ask the patient...
Staff Script: “Do you have any questions on anything you saw on our courtesy information program playing in the reception area?”

By asking the question you are giving the patient permission to become involved. Expect any number of answers. Most will be positive and would like to receive more information. A few people will make a negative comment. The following illustrations will provide a guideline your staff to provide an answer that will lead to a positive conclusion.

Positive Answer Illustration
Patient: “Well Yes!  I saw on the program that you could whiten your teeth at home. How much does that cost?”
Staff Reply:

“Smile Whitening is a very popular procedure. Many of out patients ask about whitening their smile. You would look great with whiter teeth. I’ll tell the doctor that you would like more information and she can answer all of your questions.” 

Note: place a post-it note in the chart for the doctor to ask the patient about whitening.

Negative Answer Illustration

“Just what I wanted to see a commercial on dentistry in my dental office.”  …or  …“I would rather watch the ball game or CNN.” …or  …“I didn’t watch it.”

Staff Reply:

“I understand; however, things have really changed in dentistry lately and  doctor wants all of his/her patients to know what is available so when it comes to your dental health or how to improve your smile you could make an informed decision. So, next chance you get I highly recommend that you watch the program. You’ll be glad you did.”

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